Based on brain science and leading instructional practice research, Learning Ally provides new, integrated tools to help educators drive sustainable transformational change in literacy leadership and student achievement. We help school systems and leaders address the equity gap through evidence-based solutions that combine early assessment, intervention, and accommodation with interactive professional development and coaching. Our programs help educators identify and prevent learning issues, allowing struggling readers to become independent, engaged learners who are empowered to achieve socially, emotionally, and academically, regardless of background or learning difference.

Solving Today’s Literacy Challenges with Audio Technology

In one of the most demanding school environments in memory, educators need more support. Providing them with expanded tools and technologies helps ensure students are reading at proficient levels, which is key to academic success.

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Professional Learning that Empowers Every Educator to be a Literacy Leader

Learning Ally offers a suite of Professional Learning Services™ that combine passionate, expert facilitators, research-based courses, strategic coaching, and hands-on communities of practice to build educator capacity and expertise in literacy instruction in order to help new and struggling readers achieve improved reading and learning outcomes.

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Dynamic and Engaging Literacy Experiences

Teaching reading to a student who does not learn easily or naturally is a complex and challenging professional enterprise that requires deep knowledge of content, of the cognitive and language factors that shape student learning, and of pedagogical detail.

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