When students learn a new language, they’re inspired to see the world through a new lens. Rosetta Stone prepares language learners to speak with confidence, in and out of the classroom. See how they help students develop their natural ability to read, write, speak, and listen in a new language.

For 26 years, Rosetta Stone has supported K-12 English and world language programs in up to 24 languages. We invite you to explore the content below and learn more about our programs.  Discover how language learning promotes student opportunity, equity, and family and community engagement that changes students’ lives.

Let's Get Talking

3 Steps to Get Students Talking

Get language students talking right away. K-12 students can be shy about speaking a new language but getting plenty of practice is key. Learn how a unique approach by Rosetta Stone prepares students to speak for themselves wherever their new language takes them.

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Get Talking About Equity

English Learners (ELs) often struggle to keep up with their English-speaking peers. But language learning technology opens new doorways to academic success. Read this guide to learn how EdTech solutions can create equity in the K-12 classroom.

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Get Talking About Opportunity

Students who master a world language will take part more fully in diverse settings, collaborate on multilingual teams, and develop a deeper awareness and understanding of other cultures. This eBook explains how tech-enabled world language learning can accelerate student progress and lead to better academic and career outcomes.

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Language Learning in Action

Effective Technology for English Learners

Low proficiency English Learners in an urban school district showed impressive gains in speaking, listening and reading aloud after using Rosetta Stone® Foundations consistently for one school year. Read this study to learn more about the strong evidence for effectiveness of Foundations for ELs in sixth through eighth grades.

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Jefferson Parish Public School District

Read how Jefferson Parish Public School District developed a specialized program to help EL students attain English proficiency, develop high levels of achievement in core academic subjects, and meet challenging state academic standards.

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